raideWEIGHING is a cutting edge innovative weighbridge interface software application used in highly complex industrial inventory and management requirements for simple weighing ticketing. The software is a completely customizable solution and supervise all the sales and weighing operations of the industry in a single source.

Usable in Highly Industrial Complex

The software is designed to meet the standard of complex industries and streamline the weighing processes of the companies. For instance, the industry of cement, agriculture, ready-mix, stone, mining, waste management, shipping, scrap, oil, foundry, ceramic, metal, cotton, and more in a single source.

Multiple Operational Weighing Modes

The raideWeighing software solution possesses multiple weighing modes such as single weight with stored tare, double or in/out weighing procedure, etc. By incorporating all these modes in a single framework, the raideweighing scale makes the weighing operation more effective .

Integration with raideBMS

Integration of the weighing management with the raideBMS(Business management software of raideIT), further the accounting, finances, sales, payroll, and other management processes of the industry. Besides, the solution can also be integrated with third-party ERP Software.

Integration of RFID module.

The RFID reader is integrated into the Vehicle tracking Information System. This RFID reader can check or collect the data and the information, which is given to the control station through the Zigbee protocol. The Zigbee protocol is used for the messaging service between the control station and the vehicle.