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HR Managment Solution That Suits Your Needs

raideHCM oversee the strategic practices of an organization or institution. The application is fully integrated, amalgamating human resources, talent, payroll, workforce management, and more in a single solution.

Hire To Retire

Employees Record

Maintain accurate and updated employees record. Abide by the Law by keeping all the records within a system. Collect and analyze these records both at a micro and macro level. And save your time by effectively delivering your administrative responsibilities.

Recruitment Management

Find out a creative and productive human capital for your organization. Make the recruiting process easy by initiating the recruitment plan. Involving the Job description, reviewing resumes, and selecting the right candidates for interviews.

On Boarding

Ensure the new hire be a productive and contented employee. Create an effective onboarding process for the new hire. Assimilate the novel team member to comprehend the company policies and make him acquainted with the workflow and company structure and culture.

Leave Management

Maintain the workflow of the organization in the absence of a particular team member. Oversee the employees’ vacation and leave activities of your organization. Check the status of the leave and its type as well as the related information with the help of robust solution of raideHCM.

Time Attendance

Track and monitor the timing of the workforce of your organization. Identify the working hours of the workforce; their arrival and departure. Monitor their time consumption on break and find out how many absentees a particular employee makes.

Self Service Portal

Make employees independent to find a solution to their problems. Make your workforce address their most complicated issues. Led them to strengthen their efforts on innovation and improve the performance of the company.


Establish the payroll policies of your organization by collecting and validating the inputs in the raideHCM. Calculate the payroll of the total workforce. Describe the components of payments and authenticate the payout.

Jobs Portal

Found an ideal candidate for your company by posting the job in the portal of raideHCM. Make your organization available to job seekers and enhance your human capital by recruiting new candidates.