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raideBMS is a business management software that manages businesses' daily operations and centralizes the overall processes in a single framework. The custom designed solution is for all small and medium enterprises, assisting them in monitoring their accounting & finances, managing their sales process and keeping their inventory and purchase aboard.

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Transform digitally the sales and marketing operations and improve your customer base by incorporating raideCRM solution into your firm. Engage with your prospects through various channels; Create more leads, transform them into quotations and finalize the deal using the raideCRM as a platform.

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raideHCM administer all the employees of an organization of any size, starting from their hiring to retiring. In particular, the time sheet and attendance of employees, payroll, deductions & appraisals, people analytics, and reports in a single human capital management solution.

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Measures the weighted trucks of highly complex industrial inventory with complete accuracy and zero error by using raideWEIGHING software. Manage all the weighing ticketing with a customizable solution and supervise all the sales operations of the industry in a single source.

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raideTMS is a Time Management Software, streamlining the working hours of the workforce.The Solution identify the employee by face recognition. Determine the geographical boundaries and chase their location. Adjust the Shift of Morning, evening, and night. Prepare a timesheet and make reports of all the employment practices in the organization.

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